Whether you're raising a family in the area or are seeking a college education, there are several colleges and tutoring services near Forrest Park, which is located in Springfield, Illinois. Here are a few of your options if you’re looking for top schools near Forrest Park by Cambio Communities in Springfield, Illinois.

Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

The University was founded in 1970 and offers 12 fellowships and 22 residency programs. This University is located on N. Walnut Street, in Springfield. Here, the award-winning curriculum provides a foundation for a fulfilling, rewarding career in research or medicine through the use of an attentive faculty, small class sizes, and hands-on teaching.

The School of Medicine offers several degree programs which include medical, MD/JD, MD/MPH, doctoral, master’s, and physician assistant studies. 

One notable thing about the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, or SIU for short is that it incorporates problem-based learning (PBL) in its curriculum, a teaching method that utilizes real life scenarios to promote learning.

No matter what the future brings, there will always be a demand for healthcare professionals. Start preparing yourself for a career in medicine at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

University Of Illinois Springfield

Also known as a public university located on University Plaza, the University of Illinois Springfield has been an education partner, providing learning materials, online courses and degrees since 1999. It offers 56 bachelor’s degrees, 39 minors, 44 master’s degrees, 1 doctorate degree, and 37 graduate certificates.

There are also 4 colleges on campus which include College of Business and Management, College of Health, Science, and Technology, College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, and College of Public Affairs & Education. It is conveniently located and offers campus restaurants, shops, and more. In summer, spend your free time kayaking or fishing thanks to its prime location.

The school currently serves as a learning platform for 4,198 students.

Forest Park School District 91

Forest Park School District 91 serves less than 800 students. It is known for some of its features which include - personalized attention, where every student’s learning matters, small class size, where an average class size consists of 20 students, cutting-edge technology where every student is given a Chrome book, among others. The school is located 10 miles west from Chicago’s downtown loop area, Forest Park.

Nelson Resource Center for Tutoring

Consider Nelson Resource Center if your child could use some tutoring and test preparation. Parents rave not only about the improvement seen in their children scholastically but about the instructors themselves. This establishment receives very nearly 5 out of 5 stars. It is open from 11 AM to 8 PM Monday through Thursday and is located on Chatham Rd.

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