Near Cottonwood Cove, which is located in Springfield, Illinois, one thing that you will not be able to miss is some of the top schools the area has to offer. Although the area is known for its serenity which can be spotted through its scenic areas, you are bound to work hard and play hard at Cottonwood Cove. If you are someone who would like to move to the vicinity or want to pursue a college education, the top schools near Cottonwood Cove might just be what you are looking for. Here are some of your options if you are seeking education in the area.

Nelson Community Resource Center

Located on Chatham Road, Nelson Community Resource Center is a one-stop tuition center for parents who want their children to require additional educational support. Based on its reviews with a five out of five-star rating, parents have seen drastic improvements in their children’s holistic education as the center is known to hire excellent instructors who are able to offer different teaching styles to students. As a non-profit organization, this resource center also seeks to focus on community growth and fellowship.

Lincoln Land Community College

If you are looking for quality education at an affordable price, Lincoln Land Community College might just be for you. Situated on Sheppard Road in Springfield, this community college aims to serve individuals of different ages, from all walks of life with accessible education at a price that is value for money. It focuses on strengthening your future and upgrading your career to expand your opportunities to transit better into the workforce. For potential students of this college, there are also available scholarships and tuition grants so you need not worry about the costs.

Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

No matter what the future brings, there will always be a demand for healthcare professionals. Start preparing yourself for a career in medicine at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, otherwise known as SIU. Located on N. Walnut Street in Springfield, the university was founded in 1970 and has been serving students to their fullest potential ever since. It currently offers 12 fellowships and 22 residency programs. Here, the award-winning curriculum provides a foundation for a fulfilling, rewarding career in research or medicine through the use of an attentive faculty, small class sizes, and hands-on teaching.

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