Near Ideal Villa, which is located in Metamora, Michigan, there are quality colleges, private schools, tutoring services, and more. If you are seeking a retirement community, college education or raising a family in the area, this place might just be your best bet. In this article, we will be delving into the top schools near ideal villa, which are suitable for those who are seeking education in the area. Continue reading to find out more about the educational opportunities that the area has to offer.

High School Prep – St. Mary's Preparatory School

Located on Commerce Road in Orchard Lake, this preparatory school is a 4-year Roman Catholic co-divisional high school that was founded in 1885. It serves as an educational platform to almost 480 students, with students ranging from grades 9 to 12. The school has a 5/5 star rating, offering the opportunity to prepare your child for life and further education with its exceptional athletics and outstanding academics. Its platform for exceptional athletics has served several Olympic athletes which include Gabe Vincent, Ty Kelly and Chelsea Gray. The school’s athletic team pride themselves as winners and encourage all students to be a part of any athletic team.

Grand Blanc Montessori

Here's another educational institution with a five out of five-star rating! Grand Blanc Montessori is an AMS affiliated montessori seeking to provide education to students aged 3-9 years old. The school’s aim is to nurture every student to the fullest as they believe in the development and potential of each individual. They adapt Dr Maria Montessori’s principles closely, and aim to hone on a child’s intellectual powers and psychological characteristics during his/her development. Grand Blanc Montessori offers payment to be done through installments, where parents are able to choose if they want their payment to be done in 4 or 9 cycles. If you are looking for a school to nurture your child’s fullest potential, you might want to try Grand Blanc Montessori as it will do just that for him/her.

Mott Community College

If you are looking for a perfect place to start receiving education to fit into the workforce, you might just want to sign up for Mott Community College. Rated a five out of five-star rating and located on Lake Drive, the school offers degree and certificate programs and corporate and personal enrichment. Mott Community College prioritizes excellence in education, provides services that focus on holistic student success, bettering the overall quality of life in a community with diverse cultures.

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