Highland Hills, Michigan, is a mobile home community great for all ages. The community is surrounded by colorful woodlands and serene lakes, boasting a tranquil and natural beauty. You can easily go on a road trip to Troy, Pontiac, Bloomfield Hills, or even Downtown Detroit to catch games. You can also enjoy donuts and cider and the Spicer Orchards Cider Mill and walk through the corn maze in the fall. Check out also the various attractions and the things to do near Highland Hills.

Hoffman Farms Winery & Tasting Room

Hoffman Farms Winery & Tasting Room is the biggest equestrian facility with outdoor and indoor arenas in Oakland County, stabling in large pastures and multiple barns. The winery, opened to the public in October 2016, offers wines produced from Michigan-grown grapes. Outdoor seating is available, and the front of the indoor riding arena is attached with its pillared observation room. Hard ciders, wine by the glass, bottles, and tasting are available.

Essential Massage & Wellness Center

The team at Essential Massage & Wellness Center offers superior quality of care to their customers. The team possesses professional expertise and skills when it comes to personalized treatment of each individual client. The pampering starts the moment you enter the waiting area, and you will be guided into a dimly lit room that plays relaxing music and smells heavenly to help you feel more relaxed. It is the perfect place for an amazing mental vacation.

Blackstone Stables Horse Drawn Carriage Company

Blackstone Stables Horse Drawn Carriage Company occupies more than 300 acres of space at Hoffman Farms. The huge space allows the customer to enjoy a wide range of equine-based activities at their facility. Some of the activities include spacious pastures for an equine companion, expansive trails for experienced riders to explore, outdoor riding in the sand ring, visiting farm animals in the facility, outdoor riding on lawns, and many more. The staff members are trained in the sport and have been training and riding for many years. They can accommodate all skill levels and ages for customers who want to give the sport a try. The staff will also share their vast knowledge with the customers and nurture them to become the best all-around competitor possible. 

Ford Piquette Avenue Plant

The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant was formed in 2000 as a nonprofit organization to prevent the demolition of the plant and preserving it at the same time. It acts as an education center and as a museum all year round. It attracts visitors from various parts of the world and offers special events and programs for families, bus tours, and groups of people attending private and public events from weddings to car shows.

About Cambio Communities

Cambio Communities was formed in 2020 by an association of experts in the manufactured housing industry who wanted to influence and alter the way the residents living in constructed housing communities are treated and the way those housing communities are run. At Highland Hills, same as the rest of our communities, we focus on growing well-run, thriving communities where our residents can live in affordable and clean places which they can call home.