Holiday City is a popular private mobile home community located in Jacksonville, NC, known for its great location filled with convenience at every turn. In addition, there are also several different attractions nearby Holiday City where locals can visit to have fun to unwind on the weekends and have fun with their family.

Lejeune Memorial Gardens

Lejeune Memorial Gardens is home to the Onslow Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Beirut Memorial, Montford Point Marine Memorial, as well as the 9/11 Memorial Beam from World Trade Center. 

The Vietnam Memorial is the second-largest memorial dedicated to those who served in the Vietnam War and is one of the only ones that list all the names of the fallen.  The Beirut Memorial is the largest military memorial dedicated to the 273 Marines that lost their lives tragically during an attack at the barracks in Beirut. The Montford Point Marine Memorial honors approximately 20,000 African American Marines reluctantly admitted to the Corps during World War II from 1942 to 1949.

Albeit a solemn visit, an occasional trip to the Lejeune Memorial Gardens reminds us of the price of freedom and honors those that gave the greatest sacrifice for our freedom.

Lynnwood Park Zoo

If you are an animal lover, you will surely be pleased to know that a short 15 minutes drive from Holiday City will get you to Lynnwood Zoo. Lynnwood Park Zoo is a small 10-acre zoo that houses diverse mammals, birds, and reptiles. Visitors are free to feed and pet some of these animals. The unique aspect of Lynnwood Park Zoo is that they house animals that hail from different interesting backgrounds, ranging from those that were surrendered by their private owners to those that come from rescue situations.

Some interesting mammals you can see at the Lynnwood Park Zoo include American badger, zebra, silver fox, grey fox, mara, donkey, pigmy goats, and Texas Dall sheep, while birds you can sight there include the barred owl, Egyptian geese, Polish chicken, and the red golden pheasant. Reptile lovers will get to see the American alligator, king snakes, rat snakes, and slider turtles. However, do note that these reptiles are moved off the display during months of cold weather. 

Northeast Creek Park

At Northeast Creek Park, you will get to enjoy a day of unwinding at this green space that features disc golf, a sports field, a nature trail, as well as a playground that your kids will love. This spot is a perfect getaway for families that want to spend time outside on the weekends and have fun either hiking or playing sports and exercising as a way to keep healthy.

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