If you are finding a home at Green Meadow, you may be wondering what the community is like and what's there to do around the area. The community at Green Meadow - much like the nearby community of Kentwood is safe, lively, and convenient. Green Meadow is situated just south of Grand Rapids city, a city where you can find bustling life and attractions you can visit with your family. In this article, you will find the top attractions near Green Meadow.

Meyer May House

Meyer May House is a house with a rich history. It was initially built in 1908 for a merchant and was designed by the great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. If you've been wanting to tour a Frank Lloyd Wright house, then the perfect opportunity lies right here in Grand Rapids. 

The house has undergone massive restoration for a length of two years to perfectly recreate the interior and exterior design of the original house. This even includes original pieces of furniture used by the owners! 

If you would like to visit this house, you can reserve a spot and follow along with the tour to get the best experience. There will even be a film shown before the tour to feature the history and restoration of the house. 

Grand Rapids Children’s Museum

As the name suggests, Grand Rapids Children's Museum is a museum perfect for you to bring your children to. The founders had an aim to develop a museum without walls and where all exhibits or programs are focused for children. The exhibits mainly feature many fun hands-on activities that are suitable for children of all ages, including toddlers as there are play areas for toddlers as well. 

The exhibits are rotated regularly hence there is always something new for children to explore every visit. Children can learn through play in the exhibits that are themed around topics such as science, nature, vehicles, colors, textures, and more. 

This museum is a hit among schools and children hence be sure to call and plan your visit beforehand for the best experience. 

Blandford Nature Center 

Calling nature-lovers out there, this is for you! The Blandford Nature Center is a non-profit wildlife center spread across 143 acres of land. The area is open to the public to appreciate and learn about nature and wildlife in the area. The center provides a plethora of different programs for kids and adults of all ages to learn about the ecosystems, animal behavior, birds, food chains, farming, natural energy, and more. You can even try your hand at collecting maple syrup, join a scavenger hunt around the forest or even join a yoga class right in the heart of nature!

Or if you're simply wanting to enjoy nature in your own way, you can choose to hike on their trails, discover historical buildings on the site, visit the farm, or play with your children at their playscape. There are so many things you can enjoy at the Center; one visit is never enough.

With these top attractions in this article as well as other places to explore, Green Meadow is looking to be a great place for you and your family to call home.