You should not wait until your pet is sick before taking them to the vet. Even if your pet seems perfectly healthy on the outside, it may still be wise to take it in for a checkup at the vet regularly. This is similar to the preventative care that we humans receive at hospitals, such as annual checkups and immunizations. If you are living in a community near Northbrook, there are several pet veterinarians near Northbrook, Springfield, IL that offer various pet care services and treatments.

Are Visits to the Vet Important?

You can ensure that your pet has a long and healthy life by taking it to the veterinarian on a regular basis and providing it with the proper diet, amount of exercise, and nutritional supplements. Vet visits will also ensure that your pets are provided the care they need as diagnosed by professionals.

Pet Veterinarians Near Northbrook

  • West Lake Animal Hospital

This clinic provides wellness exams, medical diagnosis, and treatments, and have a “Fear Free Medicine” program to give your pets the most stress-free experience they can.

  • Myers Animal Clinic

This clinic has services such as cat and dog vaccinations, mobile vet care, cat, and dog teeth cleaning, spay, neuter, emergency vet care, cat and dog allergy treatments and more!"

  • Sangamon Avenue Veterinarian Clinic

Treats every pet like they are their own! Gives full-service treatment to animals AND has a Pet Boarding Clinic called Howliday Inn!