Are you a resident of Liberty Village whose cat, dog, ferret, or bird has become injured or sick? These three pet veterinarians near Liberty Village have received stellar reviews for their outstanding services.

Platte Woods Animal Hospital

This clinic caters to the entire Kansas City area. It is a member of numerous organizations, including the American Canine Sports Medicine Association. Their facility is beautiful, and their services include pet anesthesia, surgery, nutritional counseling, and vaccinations with wellness programs. They can also perform grooming work on multiple types of animals and microchip your pet to help locate it, should it become lost. Boarding services are also available for pet owners who must leave town and cannot take their pets.

Crossroads Animal Hospital

This animal healthcare facility was voted the best in Northland for 2014 and is open Monday through Friday. They provide many different services, such as dentistry, hospice, ultrasound, vaccinations, wellness exams, care for kittens or puppies, and even laser therapy. Clients can also request X-rays for their pets, and the Veterinarians make recommendations for preventing and eradicating parasites.

Veterinary Center of Liberty

The Veterinary Center of Liberty employs nearly a half dozen doctors that can treat various animals. Their colorful and professionally designed website is easy to use. They provide services from surgery to daycare, grooming, and boarding. They consult with each of their clients and perform various tests to quickly determine the state of an animal’s health.

In Liberty Village, pet owners can rest easy knowing exceptional veterinary clinics are nearby. Platte Woods Animal Hospital offers anesthesia, surgery, and wellness programs. Crossroads Animal Hospital provides dentistry, ultrasound, and laser therapy. The Veterinary Center of Liberty offers grooming, daycare, and boarding services. All three clinics prioritize the health and well-being of pets and offer personalized care to every animal.