Holiday Woods residents who own pets will require veterinarian services from time to time. The following is a list of the best pet veterinarians near Holiday Woods that provide medical services for various animals.

Animal Care Hospital

Animal Care Hospital specializes in progressive and individualized care. They also do a great job of educating pet owners on how to prevent illness or injury before it strikes. They have two locations near Detroit, complete with a laboratory on site that can help your pets get accurate and fast test results as well as urine and blood monitoring. They also provide dental care, neutering/spaying services, and prevention of parasites and fleas. They have a pharmacy that is stocked with lots of medication, and they can assist animal owners with behavioral training.

Lilley Veterinary Medical Center

This clinic is open from Monday to Saturday. It provides various services, from pain management to soft tissue surgical operations. They also have radiology equipment and can perform diagnostic ultrasound, which is indispensable when your pet is pregnant or their internal organs must be evaluated for tumors or cysts.

Affordable Veterinary Clinic

Many Holiday Woods animal owners love this clinic due to its affordable yet quality services. They emphasize preventative care and will recommend ways to prevent your furry companion from getting sick.They are also well equipped to treat animals once they become ill, including with surgery if necessary. Lastly, they use pain management protocols that are AVMA recommended.

Holiday Woods pet owners have access to some of the best veterinary care services in the area. With Animal Care Hospital, Lilley Veterinary Medical Center, and Affordable Veterinary Clinic, pet owners can find services that fit their individual needs and budget.

Pet owners need to seek professional help when they notice any signs of illness or injury in their pets. Doing so increases the chances of a positive outcome for their beloved furry friends. With the right veterinary care, pets can live healthy, happy lives for many years.