Sustaining the health of animals is mostly dependent on giving them a proper diet. Feed and water for animals should be maintained in a clean, dry place, out of the reach of any rats, birds, insects, or other creatures that can introduce disease. Another important aspect of pet care is to send them for regular checkups at a vet. If you are looking for pet veterinarians near Holiday Woods, Belleville, MI by Cambio Communities, below are some facilities where you can inquire about the services you need.

When to Visit a Vet

Pets benefit greatly from regular dental visits and health checks to the vet. The frequency of a vet visit depends on various factors that can include your pet’s health status and life stage. Older pets may require more frequent vet visits whereas younger ones stick to a yearly or bi-yearly checkup routine.

  • Affordable Veterinary Clinic

A clinic that prioritizes holistic health for pets, from dental care to proper nutrition to the elimination of parasites and the implementation of preventative measures.

  • Animal Medical Center of Van Buren

This facility provides services that include grooming, veterinary checkups, vaccines, and dental care for pets.

  • Healthy Paws Veterinary Hospital

Provides services such as skin care, vaccinations, diagnostic imaging, and more for dogs of all ages.