It is easy to panic if your pet becomes seriously sick or injured, but this will only worsen things. Getting in touch with these pet veterinarians near Sycamore Trail maximizes the likelihood of your pet receiving the timely care they need.

Creekside Animal Hospital

Dr. Lori Gee is the office manager for this clinic. Her extensive educational background makes her and her team qualified to handle numerous scenarios. As a biochemistry graduate who studied veterinary medicine, she has helped many local residents improve the health of their pets. The services provided by this clinic include testing for heartworm, tick, and flea control, wellness exams, and treatment for Bordetella and rabies.

Freeman Veterinary Clinic

This clinic is operated by Doctor Freeman, a licensed Oklahoma veterinarian who is experienced in treating a wide range of animal ailments. Their facility is comfortable, and they are open from Monday until Saturday. Their website features a virtual tour where prospective clients can view the community grounds virtually before visiting them. There is also a pet selector tool that will help those planning to purchase a new animal choose the right one.

Oak Ridge Animal Center

Oak Ridge is a full-service facility that is operated by two licensed Oklahoma veterinarians. They can handle a variety of animals and provide services such as dental care, medical intervention, and surgery. Their website is well-designed and features several informative articles designed to educate the public.

In times of pet emergencies, contacting pet veterinarians near Sycamore Trail can make all the difference. Creekside Animal Hospital is managed by a highly educated and qualified team of experts that offer services like wellness exams, heartworm testing, flea control, and more. Freeman Veterinary Clinic operates six days a week and features a virtual tour of their facilities on their website. Oak Ridge Animal Center is a full-service facility operated by licensed veterinarians that provide dental care, medical intervention, and surgery services