Taking your pet for regular checkups at the vet will increase the likelihood that it will live a long, healthy, and happy life with you. The best way to ensure that your pet remains by your side for as long as possible is to take them for regular vet checkups at least once every year, if not twice. Your veterinarian will be able to treat a disease in its early stages if they can catch it in time, and you can control the symptoms with medication or lifestyle adjustments. Here are several pet veterinarians near Bissell Village, by Cambio Communities for you to check out.

Things Vets Look for During an Exam

A veterinarian's physical examination may feel like nothing more than a long, loving stroke, but it actually reveals a great deal. Here are some of the things a vet will look for while checking up on your pet:

  • Ears: Ear infections in cats and dogs
  • Eyes: Corneal ulcers in breeds like pugs, bulldogs, and Persians
  • Mouth: Signs of gingivitis, tartar accumulation, loose teeth, and oral masses
  • Skin: Dry, itchy skin can indicate various health issues
  • Heart and Lungs: Symptoms of heart diseases in older pets
  • Abdomen: Abnormalities like masses and organ size
  • Joints, Muscles, and Bones: Limping, gait changes, or muscle loss

Pet Veterinarians Near Bissell

  • Brewer Animal Hospital

Provides services like boarding, general surgery, dentistry, injury and trauma care, allergy and skin disease treatment, and more.

  • White Oaks West Animal Hospital

A hospital taking care of overall pet wellness. Their services include dentistry, diet and nutrition, parasite control and preventive care.

  • Laketown Animal Hospital

Offers services like dental care, pet exams, vaccinations, and grooming.

  • The Village Veterinarian

Cares for pets for all stages of their life including skin care, vaccination, scans, and more.

  • Wolf Veterinary Services

A mobile practice that provides annual wellness exams, heartworm testing, vaccinations, and acupressure/acupuncture for pain management.