Animals, like humans, are subject to various medical issues, especially the young and the old. This is why the following pet veterinarians near Bissell were established, to provide preventative and emergency care for pet owners.

White Oaks West Animal Hospital

This Bissell, Illinois, clinic does an outstanding job of educating its clients regarding the many available medical opportunities. Their care is individualized and compassionate, with exceptionally high standards. Some of their services include nutrition and dieting, dentistry, preventative care, and parasite control. You can also get your pets microchipped and vaccinated.   

Animal Emergency Clinic of Springfield  

Animal Emergency Clinic of Springfield is a trusted emergency care clinic that specializes in providing round-the-clock care for pets in need. The clinic understands that pet emergencies can happen at any time, so they are available after hours and when regular veterinarian services are unavailable.

The clinic's team comprises highly trained and experienced veterinary professionals dedicated to providing the best possible care to pets in emergencies. They have the expertise and knowledge to handle various pet emergencies, including injuries, poisonings, and acute illnesses.

The Village Veterinarian     

This clinic offers excellent outpatient care services, especially for cats and dogs. This includes yearly physicals and evaluations designed to identify undiagnosed illnesses in advance and treatments for various injuries. They provide recommendations and guidance, especially when pets require dental care, surgery, or other specialized services. They can help you decide whether you can manage your pet's condition at home or if they should remain in the hospital. They also work closely with other medical care providers in the region.              

If you reside in Bissell and your pet requires medical services, you can rest assured that you have these reputable and experienced facilities to turn to!