Even though your pet may seem fine at first glance, you should still try and take them to the vet at least twice a year for a checkup. Your pet can reach and maintain optimal health with the help of pet wellness exams. If you reside near Flushing, MI and are looking for pet veterinarians near Flushing Estates by Cambio Communities, here are a few clinics to consider.    

Importance of Regular Vet Checkups 

Taking your pet in for checkups on a regular basis gives your vet a chance to look for signs of any underlying disorders or diseases that may be developing, which may be difficult to detect in their early stages otherwise (including cancers and parasites).

Early diagnosis and therapy are ideal for these disorders. During the exam, your veterinarian will look for signs of illness to treat it before it worsens, and they will also look for ways to help your pet maintain their health if they are doing well.

Pet Veterinarians Near Flushing Estates

  • VCA Swartz Creek Animal Hospital

Provides various care services and treatments for pets using time-tested and up-to-date veterinary techniques.

  • Eascor Animal Hospital

Offers pets a series of care and treatment services including dental, endoscopy, x-rays, vaccinations, surgery, and more.

  • Riverside Animal Hospital

The hospital provides routine dog and cat vet care services, pet surgeries, pet dental care, diagnostics, and surgical procedures.

  • Flushing Animal Hospital and Pet Hotel

Apart from offering pet care services like general surgery, routine checkups and diagnostics, this hospital also provides doggy daycare and dog obedience classes.

  • West Flint Animal Hospital

Provides local pets with preventative care, wellness exams, and treatments.