There are a variety of pet veterinarians, each one specializing in specific kinds of treatment. If you are looking for pet veterinarians near Arcadian/Avenue A, Springfield, MI by Cambio Communities,  below is a list of vet clinics that you can get in touch with to find out which one works best for you and your pet.

Types of Veterinarians

  • Companion-Animal Veterinarian

Being the most common type of vets, companion-animal veterinarians take care of cats, dogs, and pocket pets. They provide treatments, surgical services, and diagnoses.

  • Veterinary Specialist

Veterinary specialists specialize in animal cardiology, dentistry, anesthesiology, and more.

  • Exotic Animal Veterinarian

Exotic animals cared for by this group of vets can include pocket pets, reptiles, and amphibians.

  • Livestock and Large Animal Veterinarian

Vets caring for livestock and large animals can treat goats, sheep, cattle, horses, and pigs. Some may work at clinics whilst others are stationed at vet hospitals.

  • Laboratory Veterinarian

Lab vets are essential for the overall well-being of animals. They focus on disease diagnosis, pathology, and pharmacology research.

Pet Veterinarians Near Arcadian/Avenue A

  • Turner Veterinary Clinic

It offers wellness exams, vaccinations, full-service medical consultations, surgical procedures, and more to cats and dogs.

  • Dickman Road Veterinary Clinic

It offers x-ray services, surgical procedures, oncology services, therapy lasers, and more for pets.

  • Kaspari Veterinary

It offers scans, treatments, and other general care services to pets.

  • Lakeview Veterinary Clinic

It offers affordable, compassionate care to cats and dogs while being a part of the rescue and shelter efforts of organizations within the neighborhood.

  • DRVC on Columbia

It strives to deliver a positive vet experience for pets through compassion, kindness, professionalism, and patience.