Highland Woods, Michigan, is a manufactured housing community that allows you to breathe in the fresh country air. Located less than 5 miles away from the Wayne County Parks system and Crosswinds Marsh Preserve, there are plenty of activities that you can engage in. From canoeing and fishing to cross country skiing, horseback riding to hiking, the community is near to it all. Take a trip to Apple Charlie’s Orchards for cider and donuts, pony rides, or apple picking. Check out also other places to visit and the things to do near Holiday Woods.

Turtle Cove Family Aquatic Center

Turtle Cove Family Aquatic Center is the perfect attraction for you to beat the summer heat. Enjoy an endless lazy river, water slides, a kid’s spray scape that comes with a 300-gallon dumping bucket, and a zero-depth entry pool that comes with lap lanes. Indulge yourself in the goodies at Turtle Cove Grille after cooling down. The aquatic center is open from 11 am to 7 pm on weekdays and 11 pm to 8 pm on weekends and holidays, also hosting the Memorial Day weekend over Labor Day, which guarantees to bring hours of family enjoyment and fun to you. 

Belleville Martial Arts Institute

Located at 785 Sumpter Road, Belleville. Belleville Martial Arts Institute offers the Isshinryu karate originated in Okinawa, Japan. It symbolizes the practice of ancient Okinawan karate and focuses on the development of one’s character through the study of empty hand fighting. The institute offers plenty of rooms and equipment to train individuals of various experience levels. You can build positive character traits such as respect and self-discipline through martial arts and apply them to every aspect of your life that is positive and progressive. Develop yourself positively, avoid anything that can reduce your physical health or mental growth, and bring out the best in yourself and others through the development of self-discipline.

Van Buren Township

Visit the Van Buren Township that provides activities for you and your family. Swing by for workout classes, art and craft lessons, splendid lunches, and many more. There are also family-friendly events, dance classes, pickleball, splash pad, and so on if you are looking for activities for you and your loved ones to stay fit.

About Cambio Communities

Cambio Communities was formed in 2020 by a band of manufactured housing professionals who wish to influence and enhance the standard of lives the residents are leading in constructed housing communities. The community wishes to provide an exceptional manufactured housing community living experience for individuals and families at affordable prices. Our dedicated team members overcome challenges to provide superior quality of service to the communities and empowering them to learn and grow as part of our team. At Holiday Woods, same as the rest of our communities, we focus on building thriving communities where our residents can live in affordable and clean places which they can call home. We are committed to fulfilling the homeownership dream of individuals and families, enhancing the living experience of the residents in the process.