Regardless of age, it is recommended for us to keep active so to maintain our overall well-being. From taking relaxing strolls to participating in more upbeat workout regimes, maintaining a certain level of activity every day can help prevent the risk of developing various illnesses while also improving our social and mental health. Here are several parks and scenery spots near Forrest Park, Springfield, IL by Cambio Communities that you can explore with your friends and family.

How Recreation Benefits Your Health

Taking part in recreational activities can help us to enhance our personal growth while bettering our physical health. We get to work on our self-esteem and self-reliance to emerge as more confident individuals. Recreational activities also offer a deep sense of fulfillment which will reduce our stress level and increase life satisfaction. Families get to spend time together doing things that they love, strengthening the bond between them.

Parks and Scenery Spots Near Forrest Park

  • Sangchris Lake State Park

Bring the whole family for a fun-filled adventure of camping, hunting, fishing, and lots more.

  • Tom Madonia Park

A cozy little park equipped with plenty of seating and picnic areas, accompanied by a breathtaking view alongside the lakeside pavilion.

  • Lewis Memorial Acres

Hiking enthusiasts rave about this place where kids can have an equally amazing time. Hiking trails are neatly paved, playgrounds are well-maintained, and natural walkways are perfect for pets.

  • Jubilee Farm

A beautiful spot to walk and enjoy fresh air underneath the clear blue skies. There are also several species of fauna that complement the natural setting.

  • Sangamon Valley Trail

A beautiful place with a scenic bike trail for a relaxing, enjoyable ride with the whole family.