Michigan is known for its bustling economic activities. Did you know it also has a wide variety of recreational activities, ranging from outdoor adventures to indoor fun? Its four distinct seasons along with diverse geographical features combine to provide a great mix of recreational activities for people to take part in.

Here’s why you should live in the manufactured home community of White Birch in Michigan.

Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor adventures in Michigan are never the same with its changing seasons all year round. Nature lovers will be thrilled to hear that it has 36,000 miles of river and streams, 103 recreational areas and parks, 20.3 million acres of forests, five Great Lakes, and four National Parks scattered all over the state. There is something for thrill seekers too – designated mountain bike and bicycle trails, ski areas, and snowmobile trails dot the state.

Cost of Living

Living in Michigan is generally wallet-friendly as the city is ranked fourth among all cities in the United States for affordability – the cost of living is ten percent lower than the national average.

Arts and Culture

Aside from the frequent festivals and art fairs, Michigan is also home to a few of the country’s most treasured cultural institutions, including the Frederik Meijer Gardens, the Detroit Institute of Art, and the Henry Ford Museum.

Choose Cambio Communities

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