Homes in Missouri sell at a median cost of about $159,500. For someone who is just starting to establish a career and build a family at the same time, this price can be quite overwhelming. In fact, it may even take years before you get to save that and enjoy the home all to yourself. Even if you get a loan from a bank, paying the interest rate will be too much of a burden.

This is where manufactured home communities come in. Those offered by Cambio Communities in Missouri will surely let you enjoy life even more. The manufactured home community of Timber Ridge is a good place to start. Why is that so?

Consider the Variety

These homes in Timber Ridge come in different sizes. You can purchase a two-bedroom, one-bathroom unit over a 912 sq. ft. area at a price of only $19,900. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom unit, on the other hand, sells at only $66,900. The biggest of these options is the four-bedroom, two-bathroom unit over a 144 sq. ft. area which is offered at a price of only $87,900. All of these homes are definitely a fraction of the median cost of homes in Missouri. There is also an option to rent any of these homes if you aren't ready to pay the price outright.

Think of Amenities

Again, depending on the home that you choose among those in Timber Ridge, you get to enjoy amenities that you no longer have to worry about. The two-bedroom unit includes an air conditioning system, and refrigerator. Meanwhile, the three-bedroom luxury home is fitted with a stove in addition to those offered in the two-bedroom house. The four-bedroom unit gets the same standard amenities as those found in the three-bedroom counterpart. On top of all these, you also get to request for customization of items to be included in the list depending on your needs.

What About Accessibility?

This manufactured housing community is located just at the western part of Missouri's St. Louis metropolitan area. It occupies 36 acres of land in House Springs, and gives you access not just to shopping districts, but business areas as well. You can even send your child to schools and universities found nearby.

What Else Can You Enjoy?

These luxury neighborhoods go beyond the normal when it comes to giving you the best things in life. This just means that there are still a lot of other things to enjoy apart from the ones already mentioned above. There is an off-street parking space, which means that you no longer have to pay a monthly parking fee, just like you would if you choose to stay in other housing units. You can also bring your pets with you to this pet-friendly community. Enjoy life even more with community events scheduled for Timber Ridge residents.

Indulge in all the features offered by the Timber Ridge manufactured housing community, and feel secure knowing that there is an on-site staff ready to assist you with your needs. What else can you ask for?