With the pandemic affecting every facet of society, from the economy to the housing market, more and more people are starting to see the value of manufactured home communities. If you are thinking of joining one of such communities in Norton Shores, you might want to consider the Nomad manufactured home community. This community is perfect for potential homeowners who love greenery and fresh air. Most importantly, it is reasonably priced and offers only the finest quality of housing.

Advantages of Manufactured Home Communities

As mentioned, the economy has definitely taken a major downturn ever since the pandemic started to affect businesses and livelihoods. As such, manufactured home communities are a fantastic cheaper alternative to traditional housing options. In fact, manufactured homes generally cost up to 20% less than standard site-built homes. If you think about it, you will need to pay a much lower amount every month so that you can focus your resources on improving your home equity. With substantially lower land costs, you will be able to enjoy a greatly reduced cash outlay for completing a manufactured home project.

A common misconception about manufactured homes is that their design is fixed. However, with so many more options and advancements in technological innovations today, purchasers can choose from an almost unlimited combination of floor plans and amenities, while being able to add in their own personality through customization. Since these homes are built in indoor, controlled settings, there will not be a risk of delays due to weather. Furthermore, this means that homes are built with superior precision and quality.

About Nomad

People love Nomad because it offers such unparalleled tranquility and coziness in the community. When you choose Nomad, you can be assured that you will always be surrounded by nature’s best. Imagine waking up to majestic trees and breathing in the fresh, natural air as you get ready for your day. Located in Norton Shores, Nomad is not only known for being in an area of natural beauty, but for a wide variety of fun recreational activities such as Michigan’s Adventure Amusement Park, to notable art galleries. It is also well-placed in a location of great convenience. People who live in Nomad Manufactured Home Community have easy access to many restaurants, schools, hospitals, and banks.

This community also comes with friendly on-site staff that will assist you with any housing issues you might have. We are also known for our great community events that are meant to help members socialize and have fun. If you are a pet owner, you’d also be glad to note that Nomad is completely pet-friendly.

Why Cambio Communities?

Our aim at Cambio Communities is to create the best possible resident experience for our community members, and also to help people achieve their dream of owning their own home. Essentially, we want to provide great value to all our clients because they are worth it. We were founded in 2020 by an experienced team of manufactured housing industry experts who spotted a gap in the market. We are dedicated to helping our customers find the perfect solution for their individual housing needs. If you have any inquiries or want to find a manufactured home solution, feel free to contact us today!