Take in the fresh country air every single morning when you reside at Holiday Woods. Located less than five miles away from Wayne County Parks as well as the Crosswinds Marsh Preserve, the manufactured home community here at Holiday Woods is indeed the perfect spot for nature lovers.

There are many activities you can do here, such as cross-country skiing, horseback riding, hiking, fishing, and canoeing, just to name a few. If you are a big fan of these activities and adventures, then you are sure to enjoy life here at Holiday Woods.

While you are surrounded by greenery and nature, you are also not too far away from convenient amenities. You are located just a few minutes’ drive away from eating spots like Bobby McShane’s and Play It Again Sam. Meanwhile, a fifteen minutes drive will get you to Belleville Road, where you can get whatever you need at the Belleville Square Shopping Center. Other than a variety of dining and shopping options, fitness lovers will be sure be pleased to know that there is a Planet Fitness gym located there as well.

Benefits of Living In Manufactured Home Communities

Manufactured home communities are more affordable than site-built homes and still comes with some advantages that are not commonly found in site-built homes. For example, certain rules and regulations are put in place to ensure neighbors behave responsibly and do not become a nuisance or cause trouble to others. If you are someone who has had a bad experience with neighbors, you would understand how frustrating it is when they begin their antics. In manufactured home communities like Holiday Woods, reasonable regulations are set in place by management to ensure neighbors behave responsibly and do not pose a problem for others.

As mentioned previously, the affordability of manufactured homes is essentially the biggest benefit. Other than the price of the property itself, the costs of mortgage and property taxes are significantly lower as well since manufactured homes cost less in the first place. This brings us to the next point, the freedom to do what you love.

The money you save from living in manufactured home communities can go to what truly makes you happy; it could be anything from decorating your home the way you want it to be or even raising or adopting a pet you have always wanted. Yes, the community here at Holiday Woods welcomes pets, and they might even make new friends here as well!

When you combine stress-free, nature living with activities you love to do, you get to enjoy a quality of life where you can truly relax and enjoy what life has to offer. And as if that wasn't enough, convenient hotspots are also available nearby, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of traveling far just to grab a few essential items. If you think you are ready to live in a manufactured home community or want to find out more about the manufactured home community here at Holidays Woods, please do not hesitate to reach out to us today.