Located in the peaceful outskirts of Detroit lies Highland Hills; it is an affordable manufactured housing community for all ages. Surrounded by colorful woodlands and serene lakes, Highland Hills is a perfect spot for nature lovers. While you bask in the beauty of nature at home, you are still conveniently located near the city, where you can enjoy a barrage of amenities.

With easy access to M-59 (Michigan 59), a highway that crosses northern Detroit in the state of Michigan, you can always take a short drive down to Bloomfield Hills, Troy, Pontiac, or Downtown Detroit to catch a game with friends and family. Come fall, have a day excursion to Spicer Orchards Cider Mill to enjoy donuts and cider as you walk through the beautiful corn maze. Highland Hills is indeed a wonderful place many are proud to call home.

Delicacies Near Highland Hills

If you are a food lover, you are sure to love the variety of food options here. Conveniently located right beside Highland Hills is Our Pizza Joint and McDonalds. A short drive will get you to famous local dining spots like Highland House and familiar options like Taco Bell, Wendy's, KFC, and Panda Express.

Schools Near Highland Hills

If you have children and are planning to move to Highland Hills, nearby schooling options you can consider are Highland Elementary School, or you can consider additional schools in the adjacent area such as the Dove Academy of Detroit, Highland Park Renaissance Academy, Detroit International Academy, and Detroit Public Schools, just to name a few.

Why Choose Manufactured Homes

Today, it is estimated that over 17 million Americans are currently residing in manufactured homes, and there are good reasons why they choose to do so. Manufactured homes offer many benefits and advantages when compared to living in traditional homes.

One of the most obvious benefits is the affordability of manufactured homes. On average, manufactured homes cost 10% to 35% less per square foot as compared to site-built homes. With such a steep price difference, there isn’t actually much difference in the quality of life between living in site-built homes and manufactured homes.

Another obvious benefit of manufactured homes is the versatility and endless options you have to design your manufactured home. Manufactured homes can have garages, porches, decks, and even beautiful lawns and landscapes, depending on the plot. In addition, should the need arise, you can even easily modify your home to accommodate more people or downsize it in a much simpler fashion than site-built homes.

Last but not least, some manufactured homes are grouped together into a manufactured home community. There, you would not have to worry about expenses such as snow plowing, lawn maintenance, trash removal, and other on-site works. They also tend to have beautiful landscapes and common areas for families to mingle about. One such community is Highland Hills. At Highland Hills, you will find a welcoming community located at a prime location for maximum convenience. Get in touch with us to learn more now.