Near Sherwood Forest, which is located in Ionia, Michigan, there are a number of quality educational institutions. Whether you're pursuing a college education or raising a family in the area, the following information will discuss some of the high-quality educational opportunities.

Here are some of your options if you’re looking for top schools by Cambio Communities near Sherwood Forest in Ionia, Michigan.

Ionia Schools

In the County of Ionia, Michigan, there are no fewer than 12 private schools, 15 public district schools, eight high schools, six middle schools, 12 elementary schools, and 13 preschools.

Based on a variety of measures (including equity and academic performance), these are top-rated schools. Specifically, however, the following have received excellent ratings with 5/10 stars or better:

  • A. Rather School
  • Ionia High School
  • Emerson School

College Education

With a rating of three out of five or better, the following are available for post-high school education:

  • A private four-year college with a five out of five-star rating, Calvin College is located less than 30 miles from Ionia. The average weighted GPA is 3.83 and the school has a 73% acceptance rate.
  • Michigan State University, with a perfect five out of five-star rating, boasts an average 3.74 GPA and has a 76% acceptance rate. From the city of Ionia, the University is roughly 35 miles.

With a three out of five-star rating and a 3.7 average GPA, there is an 88% acceptance rate at Grand Valley State University. If you're driving from the city of Ionia, it's approximately 41 miles.