We understand that choosing the right school might be a little bit tricky. Hence, we have compiled a list of top schools near Forrest Park to help you get started.

Lutheran High School

This school is situated on Washington Street. It is one of the top-rated schools in Springfield, IL. If you are looking for a school with academic excellence and moral values, then this is a school you must consider.

Silver leaf Children's Academy

This is one of the most amazing childcare and daycare centers in town. If you are looking for a safe place with caring teachers, a knowledgeable system of administration, healthy meals, and a clean environment for your loved ones, then this is your sure bet.

University of Illinois, Springfield

If you are looking for a university that offers good courses and where you get to have a feel of diverse cultures, then you want to consider this amazing school. Very close to Lake Springfield, you also get to enjoy other extracurricular activities like fishing and kayaking during summer.

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