If you are planning to move to Flint, Michigan, there is no need to worry about how to maintain an active lifestyle in the new environment. Here are three top attractions near Linden Place you can visit to make new memories and connect with people.

Planet 3 Extreme

Planet 3 Extreme is one of the top destinations near Linden Place to have an adventurous time. There are various fun activities you can engage in, including rock climbing, dodgeball, trampoline arena, diving board, basketball, obstacle course, and so on. It is an ideal location for a family day out. 

Michigan Escape Games

You never have to have a boring weekend again when you can visit Michigan Escape Games. Enjoy challenges in real-life adventure games and test your capability to work with other people while trying to escape each room in less than an hour. Each room provides a unique experience to entertain you and provide an adventurous experience. 

US 23 Drive-in Theater

It is quite difficult to forget your memory of drive-in theaters if you ever went to one as a kid. Visiting an open space theater provides a fantastic experience for people of all ages. The US 23 Drive-in Theater is an excellent place to visit with family and friends to watch your favorite movies and create new memories.

Relocate to Linden Place

If you’re considering moving to an affordable, modern, and spacious home with a relaxed atmosphere, Linden Place is the perfect location for you. Linden Place is a pet-friendly community with an ideal environment for children to have fun and engage in outdoor activities. Likewise, the top attractions near Linden Place make it suitable for adults to remain entertained and engaged. Kindly contact us today to know more about the amenities you get to enjoy!