If you’re looking for a tranquil environment, you must visit the Bissell Village community. Situated north of downtown Springfield, there are plenty of community amenities to ensure that you enjoy your stay there. There are also many top attractions near Bissell to ensure you never go by a mundane day feeling bored. At Cambio Communities, we provide high-quality homes for the best quality living experience. Here are some top attractions near Bissell you shouldn’t miss out on. 

Pumpkin Creek Farms

As a unique, family-owned pumpkin farm, it’s one of the top attractions near Bissell. This top attraction is located in Sherman, Illinois. Its beauty is further brought out in Autumn where you and your loved ones can enjoy the pumpkin produce here, complete with scenic views of nature. With shopping malls and grocery shops all around, nature views can be wanting. In Pumpkin Creek Farms, you can enjoy some family fun in a pumpkin patch and enjoy the tranquil farm life unique to central Illinois. With seasonal produce like apple spice donuts, cider, and corn maze, it will leave you wanting more. Each season pass costs merely $18 with cheaper rates for people aged 65 and above, as well as military personnel.

Adams Wildlife Sanctuary

This top attraction near Bissell is located in Springfield, Illinois. It provides free admission throughout. You and your loved ones can enjoy nature while living an active lifestyle by trekking or strolling through one of the sanctuary’s trails. With maps all around the park, you can rest assured that you won’t be lost. Through forty acres of prairie, woodland, and wetlands, you can discover the native Illinois habitat. Do take note to always keep your pets on leash.

Old State Capitol State Historic Site

One of the must-go-to top attractions near Bissell is the Old State Capitol State Historic Site. Located in Springfield, Illinois, it’s situated in an old town square. The Old State Capitol State Historic Site is associated with well-known president Abraham Lincoln since 1837. Lincoln spent much time in this historical building where he was present for trials before the Illinois Supreme Court. This was where Abraham gave the famous “House Divided” speech with the threat of Civil War around the corner. This historical site is open to the public, except on major holidays, and is highly accessible for handicapped people. 

Washington Park Botanical Garden

Nature lovers need not feel left out. The Washington Park Botanical Garden is one of the top attractions near Bissell, guaranteed to leave you with a deeper appreciation of nature. Some key highlights of this botanical garden include a 5,000-rose garden, a texture and scent garden for people who are visually impaired, a perennial border, an iris garden as well as outdoor cactus gardens. With the wide variety of flora and fauna, there are a variety of birds and animals that are attracted to the place as well. There are free guided tours as well to give you a better cultural understanding of the garden.

With top attractions near Bissell, Cambio Communities offer affordable homes for the best quality living experience. Contact us to find out more!