Royal Holiday residents who want to shop will find that the following shopping centers near Royal Holiday provide all the quality goods and services they need.

Crossroads Village

This shopping center is situated near Michigan Ave and Beck Rd, and first opened in 2008. Its area encompasses over 300,000 square feet and currently contains eight stores. It isn’t the largest facility in the area. Still, shoppers can purchase everything from footwear to pet supplies, electronics, and household goods, and there are nearby restaurants where they can get something to eat.

Westland Shopping Center

Westland is one of Michigan’s oldest shopping centers, established in 1965. In fact, it was one of the earliest enclosed shopping facilities in the Continental United States. This has made it a local landmark that is very popular with the local residents, despite the opening of newer shopping outlets throughout the region. Westland offers numerous shops that sell various products and services, including all the major brands and national retailers.

Fairlane Town Center

This outlet is popular for its fashionable merchandise and the many retailers present. With over 125 restaurants and shops and its proximity to key expressways, it has become one of Michigan’s most important shopping centers, especially in Detroit. They have gift cards and numerous ATM machines where shoppers can withdraw cash, as well as wifi service, allowing internet access from your electronic devices.

Royal Holiday residents have access to various shopping centers near their area that offer a range of quality products and services. Crossroads Village, Westland Shopping Center, and Fairlane Town Center are three popular shopping centers that offer everything from household goods to clothing, electronics, and restaurants. Shoppers can easily find what they need and enjoy their shopping experience at any of these locations.