Attempting to care for a sick pet yourself can worsen their situation. For this reason, White Birch residents depend on these pet veterinarians near White Birch to treat their beloved animals.

Midland Animal Clinic

This prestigious clinic has been in operation for decades, having been established in 1955. It received its AAHA accreditation ten years later. They are sought after for their quick and accurate diagnosis after an extensive consultation and pet evaluation. They can perform in-house testing but also have access to outside laboratories. Their surgical suite is cutting edge and they have a fully stocked pharmacy on site.

Valley Animal Clinic

This facility was first established in 1987, and is currently open from Monday through Saturday . Their professionally-designed and easy-to-navigate website includes a virtual tour section for new clients to tap on, and a registration form. Their services include vaccination, spaying and neutering, dental cleaning, and wellness exams. They also offer boarding services for clients who must travel and cannot bring their pets.

Bay Animal Hospital

Bay Animal Hospital opened its doors in 1956 and works with small and large animals. It has become popular among local farmers who periodically must have their livestock treated, and the facility’s success required it to expand in 2007, when major construction was undertaken to accommodate more animals. This has created an advanced healthcare environment that is dynamic as well as multi-faceted.

In order to ensure the health and well-being of their pets, White Birch residents can access a variety of pet veterinarians. These clinics offer different specialties, such as surgery, diagnostic care, and wellness exams. They provide services for small and large animals, and some even offer pet boarding options. Reach out to one of these pet veterinarians near you if needed!