Pets should undergo routine testing to establish a baseline of health and to look for concealed disorders. Similar to how people regularly go through screening tests for inherited diseases, pets benefit from routine pet screening for common species- or breed-specific ailments. Even if your pets do not exhibit any signs of an illness, it is important to bring them in for a vet visit to ensure they are indeed in a good shape. If you are living in a community nearby and looking for pet veterinarians near Timber Ridge, House Springs, MO, here is a list of recommended practices.

How Important is a Vet Visit?

Your veterinary staff can treat a disease in your pet in its early stages thanks to detection and intervention, and then manage the condition with medication or easy lifestyle changes. Your vet can also offer you advice on the different methods for keeping your pet healthy and ward off future medical issues.

Pet Veterinarians Near Timber Ridge

  • House Springs Animal Clinic

Maintain your pet’s general wellness with preventative care, treatment, and other services at this clinic.

  • Ivan Animal Hospital

All pet services are facilitated by credible professionals in this practice, including yearly pet exams, treatment, and preventative care.

  • High Ridge Animal Hospital

Locals recommend this practice for its quality pet care services and welcoming staff.

  • Ellisville Veterinary

A full range of pet care services is available at this practice, facilitated by specialists, and priced at attractive rates.

  • The Animal Clinic

Get the treatment your pet needs at this facility. From grooming to boarding to yearly checks and surgeries, this is a full-service vet practice.