Like humans, pets require quality medical care, especially when it comes to younger or older ones. This is why residents depend on the following pet veterinarians near Riverside Estates to care for their precious animals.

Roseland Animal Hospital

This clinic is full-service and one of the area’s oldest, operating since 1961. They are AAHA accredited and can assist pet owners with preventative care, vaccines, wellness, dentistry, boarding, and more. They have an attractive and well-designed website where you can arrange appointments, check out their gallery, and learn more about their payment options. They also provide numerous veterinary resources.

New Buffalo Animal Hospital

The New Buffalo Animal Hospital has received lots of positive feedback. They are open from Monday through Saturday, and their website features an online store where you can shop for pet-related goods. They are also present on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. They provide various services, including grooming, dental work, blood transfusions, microchipping, laser therapy, and even endoscopy. If you’re looking for specific petcare products, make use of their fully-stocked onsite pharmacy.

Invisible Fence of South Bend

Founded in 1993, Invisible Fence focuses more on pet behavioral medication than disease or injury treatment. However, they have a close working relationship with nearby veterinarians and can help their clients get in contact with one. Over the decades, they’ve worked with thousands of animals, especially dogs, which they can train to behave properly while carrying out various essential tasks.

Pet owners in Riverside Estates have access to excellent veterinary care from the Roseland Animal Hospital and the New Buffalo Animal Hospital. Both clinics offer various services, from preventative care to surgery. Additionally, Invisible Fence provides behavioral training services to ensure pets are well-behaved and able to perform necessary tasks. Pet owners can rest assured that their furry friends are in good hands with these trusted providers.