Since "recreation" signifies different things to different people, it is difficult to describe what it truly refers to. There is no comprehensive list what activities fall that can qualify as recreational – it is all up to you! For new residents of Quincy, MI, we have put together a list of parks and scenery spots near North Trail Village by Cambio Communities which you can explore for recreation.

Turning to Recreation for Improved Health

We talk a lot about healthy living, but recreation—the time we spend engaging in activities just for our own enjoyment—is frequently omitted from these discussions. Making time for your interests can have a significant impact on your mental well-being, improve your social interactions, and help prevent depression and isolation.

Parks and Scenery Spots Near North Trail Village

  • Stuart’s Landing

It is a small park but it is big on experience. Patrons can enjoy a nice view of the river and visit the open-air bridge museum.

  • Falling Waters Trail

The trail is relatively flat and smooth, allowing to enjoy a relaxing walk along the area.

  • Historic Bridge Park

An Instagram-worthy park to visit if you love snapping photos. There are several bridges you can cross while enjoying the view of the creek.

  • Lewis Emery County Park

Fishing is a popular activity seen in this park. Other activities to do here include hiking as well as cooking with the family.

  • Riverbend Park    

Well-kept park with plenty of extracurricular activities such as kayak launches, pavilions, playgrounds, and frisbee golf.