Whether you're purchasing a manufactured home or ensuring compliance with financing and insurance, it's important to know if the home is on a permanent foundation. This setup significantly impacts the home's stability, durability, and overall value. Understanding how to tell if a manufactured home is on a permanent foundation can be vital. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you determine the foundation status of a manufactured home.

What Is a Permanent Foundation

A permanent foundation refers to a system designed to transfer the weight of the manufactured home to the ground permanently. This type of foundation is constructed to meet or exceed federal and state guidelines and often involves the use of poured concrete or concrete blocks. It is intended to be permanent and is essential for the structural integrity of the home.

Signs That Indicate a Permanent Foundation

  • Visible Concrete Footings: One of the most noticeable signs of a permanent foundation is the presence of visible concrete footings around the perimeter of the home. These footings are typically made of poured concrete that extends below the frost line to prevent shifting during freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Masonry Skirting: Masonry skirting or a concrete enclosure around the base of the home not only enhances the appearance but also serves as a strong indicator that the home may be on a permanent foundation. This skirting is part of the load-bearing design that supports the structure’s weight.
  • Anchor and Tie-Down Straps: Check for anchor and tie-down straps that secure the home to the foundation. These are crucial for ensuring the home does not shift or lift from the foundation during severe weather conditions and are typically required for permanent foundations.

Inspection and Documentation

  • Professional Inspection: For absolute certainty, consider hiring a professional home inspector who specializes in manufactured homes. The inspector can provide a detailed report confirming the foundation type and its compliance with local building codes.
  • Obtain a Foundation Certification: If you are planning to finance the home or need insurance, obtaining a foundation certification can be necessary. This document, prepared by a licensed professional engineer, confirms that the foundation is permanent and meets HUD standards.

Common Features of Permanent Foundations

  • Crawl Space or Basement: Permanent foundations often include a crawl space or a full basement. These features allow access for inspection and maintenance of the home’s undercarriage and utility connections, which is a common trait of more traditional site-built homes.
  • Utility Connections: Permanent foundations typically involve permanent utility connections. Unlike temporary setups where utilities may be connected using hoses or cables that can be easily disconnected, permanent connections are usually fixed.

Considerations for Verification

  • Local Building Codes: Check with your local building department about what constitutes a permanent foundation in your area. Building codes can vary significantly from one region to another.
  • Documentation from Previous Owners: If you're purchasing an existing manufactured home, ask the current owners for any available documentation on the foundation. Previous inspection reports, building permits, or receipts from foundation work can provide valuable insights.

Foundation for Your Dreams at Cambio Communities

Determining if a manufactured home is on a permanent foundation is necessary for various reasons, including compliance with local laws, financing eligibility, and ensuring the longevity and stability of your home.

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