If this is your first time exploring manufactured homes as your next accommodation, we understand that you may have some questions that you need answers to. We have put together a list of fun facts that you can learn more about below to help with your research and decision-making process.

Manufactured Homes are an Innovative Option

People have been living in a variety of homes, but manufactured homes have just recently gained traction in the industry due to how innovative they can be. The idea of a manufactured home usually revolves around a two-story house with panels that are shipped from across the seas to different parts of the United States. The first-ever manufactured home was built in 1974 after the HUD established the proper standards for the development of manufactured homes. Today, the manufactured home communities we hear of are much more modern. Each manufactured home is built using the same materials that traditional home builders utilize.

Manufactured Homes Adhere to National Standards

The manufactured home industry is governed by HUD codes which are high standards that developers need to comply with. This goes without saying that modern manufactured homes are well-constructed to offer homeowners optimum comfort and safety. New homes even have R-21 insulation, which is a luxury to own during the seasonal changes. Rest assured that manufactured homes are built to the highest standards of workmanship, just like any site-built house. This means that you can expect to live in a manufactured home for an extended period of time as it is built to last. You can also look forward to enjoying all the same features offered by a site-built home in your manufactured home, such as drywall tape and 2x4 wall studs, among many others.

Manufactured Homes Can Be Customized

Manufactured homes are built in a factory at a separate site before being transported and assembled at a new location. This does not make them standard. In fact, you can personalize your manufactured home to accommodate all your personal needs. There is also a wide variety of floor plans that you can choose from and a series of sizes that can cater to the needs of each household. There are also several extravagant upgrade options that you can choose to incorporate into the layout of your manufactured home, such as a marble or granite countertop, laminate floors, Hardie board siding, and more. You will not be living in just another box that is exactly the same as every other neighbor’s home.

Manufactured Homes Can Be Luxurious

There are plenty of manufactured home communities today which offer you and your loved ones the lavish lifestyle you have been looking for. Plenty of on-site amenities are conveniently offered right at your doorstep, and there are even communities with a management team who can render immediate assistance for maintenance inquiries and more. The manufactured home industry today has evolved to provide residents with a renewed living experience. It is no longer about solely providing residents with a roof over their heads, but it is to go above and beyond to help those seeking affordable homeownership without being deprived of quality, comfort, and space.