If you're looking for a movie theater near North Trail Village, look no further. We've got all of the top-rated theaters within a 15-minute drive from here. If you want to see a new release on opening weekend or enjoy an experience more intimate than going with friends to the local multiplex (or just want some popcorn), check out one of these cinemas near North Trail Village.

NCG Cinema - Coldwater

NCG is a state-of-the-art cinema that has great, affordable price, friendly staff, and amazing rewards available! NCG Cinema is a great place for family movie nights! Not to mention being less than 10 minutes away from North Trail Village!

Capri Drive-In Theater

Have you ever wanted to experience the old drive-in theater experience? Now you can with Capri Drive-In Theater! With good concessions, big screens, and new movie ideas, Capri Drive-In is an amazing place to get that “old fashioned” feeling from the comfort of your own car!