White Birch is a small, unincorporated community located in Kawkawlin, Michigan. People who live in and around White Birch may be in search of a church community to strengthen their connection to others and reestablish their faith. 

First Baptist Church of Bay City

First Baptist Church of Bay City is located just a few miles south of White Birch and offers a warm and welcoming community to all who attend. The church hosts a variety of events and programs, including Sunday services, Bible studies, youth groups, and special events like Christmas concerts and Easter egg hunts. First Baptist Church also offers counseling services and support groups for those struggling with addiction, grief, and other challenges.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

If you’re looking for a Catholic church in Kawkawlin, MI, Sacred Heart may be the one for you. This friendly, positive church community near White Birch boasts a liturgy with a sense of humor. Congregants love the open arms parish and welcoming Sunday service they experience each week.

Saint Bartholomew

A Lutheran church, Saint Bartholomew is a reliable church community in Kawkawlin. This church is known for its thought-provoking sermons and friendly Pastor. The members are friendly and the teachings are sacred. People trust that the Sacraments will be administered properly at this church.