Royal Holiday is known for its natural beauty, outdoor activities, and welcoming community. For those looking to connect with others in a spiritual context, there are several church communities in the area that offer a range of services and events.

Grace Canton Church

A great option to help grow your faith with Grace Canton Church. Their beliefs are centered around the essentials of Christian faith, and is a really welcome atmosphere for all friends and family!

LifeChurch Canton

Easily accessible and welcoming to all, LifeChurch Canton is a church community near Royal Holiday that prioritizes belonging. “Broken, imperfect, messy...we all belong here together.” With lively music, vivacious sermons, and a congregation that cares, this church is inclusive and nonjudgmental. It puts biblical teachings into modern-day content with sermons that speak to topics both broad and niche.

Canton Christian Fellowship Church

Friendly, genuine, and unique, Canton Christian Fellowship (CCF) is a church community near Royal Holiday that inspires. In addition to regular services, there is also a children’s ministry for youngsters. Join Pastor David Washington, Jr. as he leads the congregation every Sunday. In addition to in-person worship, this community also offers the opportunity to join virtually and watch sermons on Facebook or YouTube. Best of all, CCF is just a seven-minute drive from Royal Holiday.