Springfield, Illinois is a beautiful city with a close-knit community that values diversity, history, and community engagement. Those looking to deepen their faith and connect with others will find several church communities to choose from in and around Forrest Park.

South Side Christian Church

A relaxed church made by everyday people, for everyday people. Enjoy worship with free coffee, live music, and great people.

First Christian Church

The First Christian Church’s mission is to live out the truth of God’s love. Deepen your faith in the good hand’s of First Christian Church. This is a welcoming church community for those in the Forrest Park area. The congregation encourages people from all walks of life to worship with them.

Clear Lake Church of Christ

If you’re looking for a Christian church in and around the Forrest Park area, Clear Lake Church of Christ may be the perfect choice. This Springfield, IL church encourages visitors to stop in and see what their family is all about. With Bible classes available for all ages and worship services filled with acapella singing, this church community near Forrest Park is committed to learning about God’s word and applying its principles to everyday living.