If you are visiting Holiday City, why not take the opportunity to try some of its best dining spots? Though there are tons of best dining spots near Holiday City, these few are my favorite, and they are all within easy reach of Holiday City. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Four Seasons Family Restaurant

There is no place like home for those living in Homestead, whether it is a luxurious high-rise or a cozy cottage. The Four Seasons Family Restaurant is located just five minutes from houses and apartments, and its inviting staff and delicious menu will make any dinner out special. From scrumptious appetizers to mouthwatering desserts, patrons know they can count on Four Seasons for an unforgettable meal. In addition, because it is less than 10 minutes from restaurants in nearby cities, there are plenty of places to explore after dinner too!

JJ Winns Restaurant & Lounge

The sleek JJ Winns Restaurant & Lounge is one of Holiday City's premier restaurants, providing residents and visitors with high-quality American fare. Guests can choose to dine inside or on one of two patios, which are both furnished with fire pits for cooler evenings. The JJ Winns is full of popular staples like chicken wings, hamburgers, and pasta dishes—but many patrons come for their famous Sunday brunch buffet. While it's certainly not gourmet, there are enough delicious options to keep anyone happy—and at just $18 per person, it is a great deal too! This is sure to be a family favorite once you try it!

Marco's Pizza

It is no surprise that Marco's Pizza has earned itself a reputation as one of America's favorite pizzerias since it opened its first location back in 1978. Today, over 800 pizza stores operate across 30 states. What keeps people coming back? One word: taste. The original hand-tossed crust is perfectly crispy yet soft on the inside, and it's topped with sauce made from vine-ripened California tomatoes, all naturally raised vegetables, and premium Italian meats like sausage and pepperoni made fresh daily in-house. And for those who prefer to keep their meatless lifestyle intact, Marco's also offers dairy-free cheese substitutes for your pizza.

Golden China

There are a ton of great dining spots near Holiday City, but Golden China is one of our favorites. This Chinese restaurant offers a wide variety of tasty dishes as well as lunch specials and dim sum. We especially love their eggplant in garlic sauce as well as their spicy chicken, both of which go great with a steaming bowl of rice! Whether you live in or near Holiday City or are just here for a visit, it is a must-visit spot. They also have a takeout option for those who want to enjoy some delicious food at home!